Paper Cushioning

Multiple modes of operation designed to fit different production and packing.Innovative PLC touch screen controller is flexible and can be easily reprogrammed to meet your special needs.The backup manual system ensures 100% operative Paper Cushion Pad machine.Automatic paper loading feature, enhance the paper loading process easier and faster.100% recyclable pape,CE certified.
1. Simple eco-friendly wrapping solution
2. Small footprint, can be placed anywhere
3. Perfect for start-up or home based web shops
4.Excellent surface protection and presentation
5. A sustainable alternative to bubble wrap

PaperEZ cushion is a combination of a patented die cut Kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper. The PaperEZ converter expands the die cut paper to a 3D honeycomb structure providing a unique packaging product whilst also reducing material handling and taking up less storage space.

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