Air Cushion Machine

MINI AIR Cushion Packaging System
Our MINI AIR air cushion machine system enable you to produce your own air cushion packaging as and when required. Our cushion packaging system includes the MINI AIR EASi,  MINI AIR CLASi,  MINI AIR PRO and MINI AIR TUBE,  each cushion system is suitable for various operations and applications. We also provide air cushion film for the air cushion system, please check each product page for more information.

MINI AIR PRO 2 our newest Industry air cushion machine,Quick, quiet, save cost, light at only 9kgs, durable and convenient, no belt, less maintenance, no preheating, start right away, one button swich to different type(air pillow/air bubble), and with speed as fast as 25m/min, worked for films width 200mm, 400mm, 600mm , 800mm, also it can be connected with different extension like winder, film delivery system and so on… it is programmable and can be seamlessly integrated into MINI AIR cushion system technology.

MINI AIR EASi 2, the most compact air pillow machine,works both air pillow and air bubble, only 3kgs, fast speed as 8 meters/min,no belt,no waiting time, one machines match all your packaging need, spend less for more functional and more efficiency machine.

MINI AIR CLASi 2 , the clasi machine , one machine for all types films , error warning for easy maintance, stop automatically when no film.

MINI AIR Tube 3, AMESON TUBE 3 is an air column bag making machine, it can make air column bag, include:Q type, U type, L type, sheet, wrapper V and Jifbag for your products shipping packaging,machine inflating bags automatically with high speed,save labor,save cost.

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