JifBag Padded Mailer

Ameson JifBag® Inflatable Bubble Mailer & Honeycomb Paper Padded Mailer

JifBag – Packed into the bag,Safe with cushion protection

JifBag Plus – Pack and go,no need extra bag or box,self-sticker tape

JifBag Cell- Honeycomb Paper Cushion Padded, Biodegradable materials

1. Multi-layer extrusion film, stronger protection
2. Pro-environment: Environmental friendly, Recyclable
3. Easy operation: inflate on MINI AIR machine, only need press start you can get what you need
4. Save storage: inflate when you need, saving warehousing cost
5. Different size: air bag, air tube, air bubbles, can match all your packing need
6. Logo print available: can print your logo on the film roll

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