Paper Tape Dispenser

1. Water activated sealing tape for e-commerce packaging

Standard gummed paper tapes for general carton sealing. Simply activate the gummed paper tape with water and affix to cartons to form a tough, firm, smooth seal. These tapes are ideal for exporting abroad due to the high resistance to variations in temperature and humidity.

2.AMESON TapeZ gummed paper tape dispenser

As a gummed tape dispenser the TapeZ electric water activated tape dispenser not only speeds up packing but the gummed paper tape also produces a strong durable seal that’s both economical and tamper-evident.
This time-saving device moistens, cuts and dispenses tape and the large tape capacity results in fewer tape roll changes.

The programmable keypad allows the tape to be adjusted in1/2 inch (1.5mm) increments for greater flexibility. The 1 litre water container heats up quickly to activate the adhesive.

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