• Ameson Air Cushion Packaging

MINI AIR® PRO 2 Industrial Air Pillow Machine

Produce a high volume of air pillows on demand. For shipping up to 500 packages per day.
Super fast. Speed 25m/min.
Easily adjustable to control air fill and bag count.

Quick,quiet,save cost,Light at only 9kgs, MINI AIR PRO 2 our newest Industry air cushion machine,durable and convenient, no belt, less maintenance, no preheating, start right away,one button swich to different type(Filler/Wrapper),and with speed as fast as 25m/min, worked for films width 200mm, 400mm, 600mm , 800mm, also it can be connected with different extension like winder, film delivery system and so on… it is programmable and can be seamlessly integrated into  MINI AIR Cushion System technology.