PaperEZ® SmartFill Manual Paper Void Fill Dispenser

  • High quality manual paper dispensing system
  • Simple to use – no training required
  • Compact, maintenance free design
  • Simply pull the paper through the machine and tear off what you need
  • Height adjustable, Mobile and ergonomic

PaperEZ Manual Fanfold Paper Void Fill Dispenser

Ideal for smaller users, this versatile manual dispensing machine is height adjustable and easily fixed to a table with the integral clamp. Just pull the paper through the machine and tear off how much you need. The converter machine creases the paper to produce an effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution. No electricity is needed meaning the PaperEZ® machine can be placed anywhere.
The system dispenses high-quality paper to be used as void-fill, ‘in-the-box’ packaging, offering great protection for items being transported by courier or in the post. The paper is 100% recycled and so specially environmentally friendly. This is a highly cost-effective, simple and efficient system.
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