Paper bubble: Green trends of protective packaging in the future

Companies & consumers pay much more attention to ECO protective packaging as the trend of environmental protection swept the world. The global plastic restrictions and bans has brought huge challenges to traditional packing materials. But it has also spawned the vigorous development of new packaging materials. Paper bubble is gradually becoming an ideal choice for sustainable packaging with its unique advantages.

Environmental protection pioneer, leading the packaging revolution

Paper bubble is made of recyclable, reuse and degradable kraft paper. It is derived from pure woods, more environmentally friendly compared with the traditional plastic air bubble film. First of all, kraft paper can be reused in the process of production, reducing the demand for raw materials, thereby reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Secondly, its waste can be quickly degraded naturally without relying on manual treatment, which reduces the impact on the environment. Therefore, paper bubble is a veritable environmental pioneer.

paper bubble packaging

Excellent buffer protection, escort the goods

Paper bubble has good buffer and seismic performance, which can effectively reduce the damage of goods during transportation. Its unique double -sided bubble structure is flexible and can provide items with uniformly distributed support to ensure the safety of items during transportation. In addition, paper bubble can also effectively prevent friction and collision between items, reduce the risk of damage and loss, and improve the quality and reliability of packaging.

Efficient packaging, improve business efficiency

Compared with the traditional plastic bubble film, the paper bubble does not need to use the tape to seal the edge when packing, just press them together manually. This design saves packaging time and improves work efficiency. At the same time, paper bubble can also achieve multi -layered and overlapping, make full use of space and improve packaging efficiency. This flexibility enables the paper bubble to meet the packaging needs of different industries and applications.

Upgrade the brand image and win consumer minds

The use of paper bubble as a packaging material can show the company’s environmental protection responsibility and sustainable development awareness, and enhance the brand image. For consumers, buying products using paper bubble also means that they have obtained more high -quality packaging protection and use experience while supporting their careers. This win -win situation will promote the widespread application of paper bubble in the market.

paper bubble wrap

Wide application fields to meet diversified needs

The paper bubble of Ameson can be customized according to different packaging needs to achieve diversified packaging effects. By changing parameters such as the thickness of the paper, the shape and color of the bubbles, it can meet the needs of various commodity packaging. The paper bubble is not only suitable for packaging of conventional products, but also for packaging of special products, such as fragmented products and precision instruments.

Safe and reliable, let you shop worry –free

Paper bubble is non -toxic and tasteless, does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the human body and the environment. In food packaging and other fields, paper bubble is a safe and reliable environmental protective packaging material.

Ameson invested tens of millions of R & D expenses each year, and continued to develop new environmental protection materials, upgraded iterations of new equipment and equipment, equipment software and hardware structure and automation. Pressing paper was recognized by users with its excellent quality and extensive application. And praise. Deliven to provide high -quality environmentally friendly packaging materials to help green logistics and sustainable development. Choose Ameson to provide the best quality protection for your goods.

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