Mini Foam® MFA01 Foam in Place Machine

  • Intelligent packing and automatic cutting & sealing for efficient operation.
  • Auto gun cleaning and an adjustable touch screen control panel for user convenience.
  • With multi foaming types available, providing versatility in foam production.
  • The one-click start foaming function simplifies the foaming process for enhanced productivity.
  • Equipped with advanced technology for seamless operation, making it a reliable choice for foam production.

The mini foam automatic polyurethane injection foam machine, a cutting-edge foaming machine designed to revolutionize your production process. This intelligent packing solution boasts a range of advanced features, including automatic cutting and sealing, auto gun cleaning, and an adjustable touch screen control panel for effortless operation.

With multi foaming types available and one-click start foaming, this machine offers unparalleled versatility and convenience. Whether you’re in the automotive, construction, or furniture industry, the Ameson foaming machine is the perfect choice for achieving high-quality, consistent results. Upgrade your production line with this state-of-the-art foaming machine from Ameson and experience the ultimate in efficiency and performance.

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