What are the protective packaging solutions in e-commerce packaging?

The protective packaging, as well as the cushion package, which slow down the impact and vibration of internal objects ,is protect your products from damage during transportation . Some people may ask: what are the protective packaging methods?

Usually , people will say there are 2 kinds package methods: light-duty cushion packaging and heavy-duty cushion packaging.

paper cuhioning

The light-duty cushion packaging refers to filling and separating the product and the outer packaging with two crosses of cushioning materials, to ensure that the impact force from the outer packaging reduced before it reaches the product.

Heavy-duty cushion paper is bent and rolled into balls, filled and placed between the product and the outer packaging.

In addition, another two common cushion packaging materials are foam cushion package and paper cushion package. Although foam cushion package has the advantages of light weight, easy processing and low price, it also has the disadvantages like take the volume, can not recycled and also not easy to deal with garbage disposal.

The paper cushion packaging material is a recyclable and biodegradable material, completely eco-friendly. PaperEZ cushion systems was base on the virgin or recycled paper material, using the PaperEZ equipment to form different paper cushion products like the honeycomb paper, void filling paper, fan-fold paper,with different sizes/thickness/shapes, which can satisty different packaging requirements.

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