The application of polyurethane foam in protection packaging

The application of polyurethane foam is very wide. The most common is the application on the protection packaging. The supporting equipment is the polyurethane foam injection machine.

Polyurethane foam is divided into two liquids: A and B. The solidification reaction of water forms foam boards, which have strong pressure resistance and shock absorption.

Because of the excellent cushion protection performance of polyurethane foam packaging, it is widely used in the transportation protection of car parts, instruments, ceramic crafts, motors and other alien fragile products.

Polyurethane foam packaging can not be limited by the shape of the product. Even products with different shapes can be fully protected, avoid product rhombus breaking, and protect the transportation safety of the product.

The use of polyurethane foaming liquid needs to be used at the MINI FOAM PU foam injection machine. It can fully use polyurethane A and B materials to adjust its foam quality according to a specific ratio. At the same time, the storage space is also improved, so that your products are best cushion protection.

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