TapeZ® Handheld Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

  • The first on the market, own design.
  • Ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue.
  • Humidity can be adjusted freely.
  • Easy to take, no installation.

TapeZ Manual Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

Our range of gummed paper tape dispensers have been designed to suit a variety of different operations, from small to high volume users. All the dispensers are compact enough to fit snugly on a worktable or packing bench, and can be easily operated to change the water chamber and alter the length of tape you require.
Gummed paper tape has become more widely used in fulfilment operations due to the environmental and performance benefits it provides. Particularly for operations where hundreds of goods are being packed ready for transit, security of goods is important, and because gummed paper tape bonds to the fibres of a box it is the best tape to use for creating a secure seal.
Plastic, Metal

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