Mini Foam Handy foam packaging operation

mini foam Handly is individual foaming bag which works manually.No need machine,easy to work,room temperature preservation,instant offers perfect protection for regular or irregular products with different shapes.

Best solution for protecting fragile, high-value items from damage during shipping
Conforms to nearly any product shape and size
Easy to use, activates with the touch of a hand, anytime, anywhere
Expands in seconds to form custom-fit, protective foam cushions


Artwork & Porcelain
Electronic instrument
Industrial components
Medical Devices
Auto parts

mini foam® Handy foam packaging blocks and braces fragile items to prevent damage during the shipping process. Instantly-expanding foam conforms to nearly any product shape and size, offering a professional package appearance. Easy to use, lightweight material provides superior protection for shipping high-value goods.

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PaperEZ WrapBox Video Support

Ameson PaperEZ WrapBox is the eco friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap cushioning. This cushioning wrapping material is created on demand, saving valuable space and time in the process. The kraft paper expands in a honeycomb structure. In combination with soft white paper it gives both superior protection and perfect presentation to your wrapped items.

PaperEZ WrapBox Operation Instruction

Replace paper rolls for PaperEZ WrapBox

Solutions for paper not expended well

PaperEZ Smart Paper Cushion Machine Instruction

The PaperEZ Smart paper machine squeezes and folds the paper, makes the paper into the paper cushion with function like filling, wrapping, padding and bracing.The machine has different preset mode to make cushion paper in different length and different layer,for more flexible packaging needs.


Multiple modes of operation designed to fit different production and packing.Innovative PLC touch screen controller is flexible and can be easily reprogrammed to meet your special needs.The backup manual system ensures 100% operative Paper Cushioning Machine.Automatic paper loading feature, enhance the paper loading process easier and faster.100% recyclable pape CE certified

2 ply paper cushion pad High speed, low maintenance better protection storage saving, 100% recyclable, CE certified.
PaperEZ cushioning machine is versatility to handle every packaging allocation from cushioning, wrapping, void fill, blocking and bracing. The 2 ply Kraft paper is separated allowing air to be trapped inside the layers, crimped together to make the cushioning pad.

It is an idea for products which is irregular and more difficult to be packed. The machine has a high stiffness and strong support for the performance of your product can play an effective buffer, filling, fixed protection.Different shape for different usage.

  • Environmental protection
  • Biodegradable material
  • Silent cutting
  • More quiet,High efficiency
  • Space optimization
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