Seven Reasons to Ameson MINI AIR Film Rolls

Mini Air film rolls

Let’s take a 1 roll of 8” by 8” FILLER film roll (length 700 meters) as an example:

1. The volume of the film roll is about 4.5 cubic meters of the effectively filled airbag after inflation, and the falling cost per cubic meter is about $15;
2, 1 film can be inflated to make 3500 airbags, the cost of each airbag is about 1cent;
3, 1 roll film accounts for about 0.008 cubic meters of storage space, that is, 120 rolls of film per cubic meter of space, about 540 cubic meters of the airbag after inflation;
4. Our company’s airbag is made of polyethylene plastic, which can be recycled and reused. It is a true environmentally friendly material;
5. Our airbag is an air cushion cushioning material with excellent protection effect;
6. The air bag packaging image of our company is clean and simple. The first impression after the customer opens is refreshing. There is no foam flying everywhere, and there is no tight bubble film wrapped in it. There is no newspaper as well…
7. Our company can design printing patterns and LOGO for customers, and promote the corporate brand image for customers.

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