What is the best packaging solution for online sellers?

Addtime: 2019-10-18

Product packaging, shipping, and transportation will experience a series of unstable factors such as bumps, swaying, col…

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How to properly use the air dunnage bags

Addtime: 2019-10-15

Online shopping usually requires a few days to be delivered.  If the product is packaged without cushioning, it will be …

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Seven Reasons to Ameson MINI AIR Film Rolls

Addtime: 2019-10-09

Let’s take a 1 roll of 8” by 8” FILLER film roll (length 700 meters) as an example: 1. The volume of the film roll is ab…

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How to choose the proper air cushion machine for your business?

Addtime: 2019-10-07

The choice Air cushion machine is based on your product, and the specifications and width of the film can be customized.…

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MINI AIR® Easi machine makes your packaging easier

Addtime: 2019-09-27

The cushioning package has good anti-shock protection function. With the continuous development of the online shopping t…

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Why air cushion packaging will lead the packaging industry

Addtime: 2019-09-26

Air column bag is used as a substitute for peanut-cotton, foam, and other packaging materials. Currently used in online …

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FAQ about air column bag

Addtime: 2019-09-19

How is the air column bag shaped: The main component of the air column bag is 7 layers of PE, which is mixed with 15% PA…

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How to properly inflate air column bag

Addtime: 2019-09-17

Since many customers are purchasing the air column bag for their first time. During the use of air compressor, the infla…

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Cushion packaging product design procedures

Addtime: 2019-09-10

General procedure for cushion packaging design   1 Fully understand the characteristics of the product, including t…

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