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The Benefits of Using Air Pillows for Safe Shipping

Addtime: 2020-05-22

When it comes to void fill for shipping protection, air pillows are effectively the 'new guy in town'. The ecommerce giant Amazon has led by example and made the switch to air pillows thanks to their ease-of-use and low cost, not to mention they are more environmentally-friendly when compared to alternative forms of void fill. Consumer frustration over complex, bulky and difficult to open packaging is another reason that air pillows are growing in popularity. Your warehouse, plant floors, and production KPI's will also find the small footprint of storing pillows to be an added benefit when space is limited. We’ve listed the top 4 reasons why air pillows can benefit businesses of all sizes. #1 Product Protection As businesses…

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The Ameson® Product Brochure Download

Addtime: 2020-05-09

Ameson was established in 2006, it is a professional and leader manufacturer in cushion packaging machinery and material, which is also the first company who design and produce both machine and material in China, the facility has over 20,000 square meter, products include air cushion, paper cushion, foam in place, retention and suspension packaging. If you ever need cushion packaging to protect your product during delivery,we will be the best one to talk with, we know we can protect your product and save your cost!   Xiamen Ameson New Material Inc. Better Cushion Better Protection Ameson® Product Brochure Download From UPDATED_Ameson® Product Brochure_20200509

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How Does the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Effects Protective Packaging for Logistics?

Addtime: 2020-03-04

China will go all out to work with relevant parties and share with the international community its experience in containing the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, as it strives to build "a community with a shared future for mankind", officials said.   In a speech on Monday at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming said: "We have been open, transparent and responsible in tackling the virus because we believe in a community with a shared future for mankind."   Liu said that since the outbreak of the coronavirus, China has engaged in global cooperation and shared information in a timely manner with the world, including sharing the genetic sequence of the…

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Top 10 most valuable e-commerce and retail brands

Addtime: 2020-01-06

China's e-commerce platform Tmall replaced Taobao as the most valuable brand in e-commerce and retail in 2019, followed by JD, according to a list released by Hurun Research Institute in December. And Ameson is offering packaging solutions, air cushion machines and air cushion film to 6 of them. Please contact us if you are searching for packaging or reselling them. No 10 Meili Inc Brand value: 4.5 billion yuan ($643 million) Logo of Mogu, an online fashion and lifestyle shopping platform of Meili Inc, is seen at a conference hall No 9 Xiaohongshu Brand value: 5 billion yuan A man walks by Xiaohongshu's booth at an expo in Tianjin, April 20, 2019. The company is a lifestyle platform that integrates community and…

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Air column bag unique functions

Addtime: 2019-11-04

1: its transparent appearance is more beautiful than the traditional packaging material, and the design is compact enough to closely adhere to the product and improve the image of the product. 2: the air column bag uses various air cushions to support the product suspension, disperse and absorb the external pressure, and can give high-performance protection to the product during transportation. 3: the production process of the air column bag is all tailor-made by computer, no need to make mold, not only the delivery time is fast but also can reduce the cost for the enterprise. 4: the air column bag before use is only a film shape, which can save more than 90% of the storage space compared with…

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Why choose Mini Air film products?

Addtime: 2019-10-28

shipping package uses common packaging materials such as air cushion bag, bubble film, foam peanut, paper pad, waste paper, etc., the merchant can only protect the product intact if the cushion material is selected correctly, due to the product type, shape, and weight. The requirements for cushioning materials vary depending on the value, vulnerability, and utility. Item packaging, delivery, and transportation will encounter a series of temperamental factors, for example, knocks, influencing, crash, tossing, and so on., which may make harm the items in the bundle. The majority of the harmed things are delicate and plastic things. Harm to the products frequently makes enormous losses for the seller. The utilization of the air pocket pad significantly decreases the breakage pace of…

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How to optimize your packaging Solution?

Addtime: 2019-10-23

In such a strong competitive market, in order to seize customers, not only the quality of the products should be excellent, but also the packaging design. The packaging is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. Today we are talking about the cushion protection packaging of the product. The cushion packaging should not only protect the safe transportation of the product but also require the whole package to be neat and tidy. The packaging such as waste newspapers and foam can protect the package but the entire package looks messy, lowering down the grade of the product. Air filler and wrapper packaging has been very popular among all E-commerce seller around the world. To utilize the advantage of this type…

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What are the characteristics of cushioning materials?

Addtime: 2019-10-21

What are the common cushioning materials? What are the characteristics of cushioning materials? Online shopping parcels come from all over the country, and collisions and vibrations are inevitable during transportation. In order to protect the goods from damage, the courier company will use cushioning packaging materials. So, what are the common cushioning materials? What are their advantages and disadvantages? 1,Polystyrene foam EPS, commonly known as foam board or Styron-foam Advantages: better shock-proof cushioning performance, high compressive strength (compressive strength increases with increasing density), less water absorption, grease resistance, easy molding, and low cost. Disadvantages: It is easy to produce plastic deformation after compression, poor reusability, poor weather resistance, brittle, easy to break and create dust. Applications: Packaging of household appliances…

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What is the best packaging solution for online sellers?

Addtime: 2019-10-18

Product packaging, shipping, and transportation will experience a series of unstable factors such as bumps, swaying, collision, throwing, etc., which may cause damage to the products in the package. Most of the damaged items are fragile and plastic items. Damage to the goods often causes huge economic losses to the merchants. The application of the bubble cushion greatly reduces the breakage rate of product transportation and solves a big problem for the merchant. What is the best packaging method for the bubble film?   The product is damaged during transportation because it is often caused by collision and squeezing force during transportation. The extrusion and collision between the goods during the transportation is the main reason for product damage. The…

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