10 Sustainable Packaging Alternatives to Bubble Wrap

Addtime: 2021-07-26

As e-commerce becomes a way of life, people across the globe are receiving more packages than ever. Thankfully, bubble w…

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The Benefits of Using Air Pillows for Safe Shipping

Addtime: 2020-05-22

When it comes to void fill for shipping protection, air pillows are effectively the 'new guy in town'. The ecommerce gia…

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The Ameson® Product Catalogue Download

Addtime: 2020-05-09

Ameson was established in 2006, it is a professional and leader manufacturer in cushion packaging machinery and material…

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How Does the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Effects Protective Packaging for Logistics?

Addtime: 2020-03-04

China will go all out to work with relevant parties and share with the international community its experience in contain…

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Top 10 most valuable e-commerce and retail brands

Addtime: 2020-01-06

China's e-commerce platform Tmall replaced Taobao as the most valuable brand in e-commerce and retail in 2019, followed …

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Air column bag unique functions

Addtime: 2019-11-04

1: its transparent appearance is more beautiful than the traditional packaging material, and the design is compact enoug…

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Why choose MINI AIR film products?

Addtime: 2019-10-28

shipping package uses common packaging materials such as air cushion bag, bubble film, foam peanut, paper pad, waste pap…

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How to optimize your packaging solution?

Addtime: 2019-10-23

In such a strong competitive market, in order to seize customers, not only the quality of the products should be excelle…

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What are the characteristics of cushioning materials?

Addtime: 2019-10-21

What are the common cushioning materials? What are the characteristics of cushioning materials? Online shopping parcels …

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