What are the characteristics of cushioning materials?

Addtime: 2019-10-21

What are the common cushioning materials? What are the characteristics of cushioning materials? Online shopping parcels come from all over the country, and collisions and vibrations are inevitable during transportation. In order to protect the goods from damage, the courier company will use cushioning packaging materials. So, what are the common cushioning materials? What are their advantages and disadvantages? 1,Polystyrene foam EPS, commonly known as foam board or Styron-foam Advantages: better shock-proof cushioning performance, high compressive strength (compressive strength increases with increasing density), less water absorption, grease resistance, easy molding, and low cost. Disadvantages: It is easy to produce plastic deformation after compression, poor reusability, poor weather resistance, brittle, easy to break and create dust. Applications: Packaging of household appliances…

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What is the best packaging solution for online sellers?

Addtime: 2019-10-18

Product packaging, shipping, and transportation will experience a series of unstable factors such as bumps, swaying, collision, throwing, etc., which may cause damage to the products in the package. Most of the damaged items are fragile and plastic items. Damage to the goods often causes huge economic losses to the merchants. The application of the bubble cushion greatly reduces the breakage rate of product transportation and solves a big problem for the merchant. What is the best packaging method for the bubble film?   The product is damaged during transportation because it is often caused by collision and squeezing force during transportation. The extrusion and collision between the goods during the transportation is the main reason for product damage. The…

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How to properly use the Air cushion bag

Addtime: 2019-10-15

Online shopping usually requires a few days to be delivered.  If the product is packaged without cushioning, it will be easily crushed during transportation. How to prevent the product from being crushed during transportation? This requires the use of the inflatable bag for cushioning protection, and the use of an inflatable bag to cushion shock absorption will protect products delivered safely. How to inflate the inflatable bag? how to use air cushion bags? The inflation method of the airbag is to use the mini air cushion machine for inflation sealing, and the air is sealed in the bubble film. The mini air cushion machine is convenient to operate and productive in inflation, and the filled airbag is wrapped along the…

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Seven reasons to Ameson Mini Air film rolls

Addtime: 2019-10-09

Let’s take a 1 roll of 8” by 8” FILLER film roll (length 700 meters) as an example: 1. The volume of the film roll is about 4.5 cubic meters of the effectively filled airbag after inflation, and the falling cost per cubic meter is about $15; 2, 1 film can be inflated to make 3500 airbags, the cost of each airbag is about 1cent; 3, 1 roll film accounts for about 0.008 cubic meters of storage space, that is, 120 rolls of film per cubic meter of space, about 540 cubic meters of the airbag after inflation; 4. Our company's airbag is made of polyethylene plastic, which can be recycled and reused. It is a true environmentally friendly material;…

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How to choose the proper Air cushion machine for your business?

Addtime: 2019-10-07

The choice Air cushion machine is based on your product, and the specifications and width of the film can be customized. Before you buy a machine, you can contact the sales consultant online to tell the sales staff what your needs are, what kind of model you plan to use, and the sales staff will help you choose the model that suits you. If you are an online seller, or a small business owner, or a courier service provider, you should choose a reliable air cushion machine that is also easy to use, please pay attention to our Mini Air EASI, there are few significant advantages to use our Mini air EASI machine. The world's lightest air cushion machine, the…

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Mini Air Easi machine makes your packaging easier

Addtime: 2019-09-27

The cushioning package has good anti-shock protection function. With the continuous development of the online shopping trend, it plays an important role in the transportation of goods. The MINI Air Easi air cushion machine is a machine developed for the new generation of cushioning packaging, and is a compact and lightweight multifunctional airbag manufacturing machine. It can be placed on the tabletop, and can directly produce inflatable bags on the assembly line, which can produce the inflatable bag 24 hours a day. The small air cushion machine on the table instantly produces the airbag according to the packaging requirements, which can greatly save the storage space. At the same time, you can manage how many airbags need to be torn…

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Why Air cushion packaging will lead the packaging industry

Addtime: 2019-09-26

Air column bag is used as a substitute for peanut-cotton, foam, and other packaging materials. Currently used in online package delivery, import, export, and logistics! It is a new type of cushioning package for shockproof, anti-friction, anti-collision.   The Ameson Air Packing product is a new packaging system that uses air cushioning. It covers the product and can protect the packaged product, not just filling and supporting. It provides long-term storage and non-leakage seismic protection, and the cushion protection of the column-type comprehensive coating reduces the damage rate. Compared with the traditional filler, it will not be damaged due to the large gap in the inner box of the package, and the items will be displaced during the transportation process.…

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FAQ about air column bag

Addtime: 2019-09-19

How is the air column bag shaped: The main component of the air column bag is 7 layers of PE, which is mixed with 15% PA material, so we generally make these raw materials into a co-extruded film. In fact, the content of PA determines the price and quality of the airbag. The market is generally 15%.   What products need to be packed in air column bags? Due to the special properties of the airbag material, the airbag application covers almost all industries. Whether it is the high-end precision electronics industry or everyday appliances, you can fully use the air column bag. In particular, some fragile and easy-to-scratch ceramic crafts, jewelry or high-precision instruments are indispensable.   What is…

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How to properly inflate air column bag

Addtime: 2019-09-17

Since many customers are purchasing the air column bag for their first time. During the use of air compressor, the inflation air pressure could be too large (some customers even use the pressure of the vehicle tires to inflate the air column bag), and the inflation time could be too long, causing there are one or two air columns and even several air columns do not have synchronous air intake. Here, Ameson packaging introduces the correct inflation method of the air column bag: 1. The air pressure over the atmospheric will cause the column bag easy to explode. Please adjust the airbag inflation pressure correctly. Many customers use air compressors to inflate the airbag, which is very efficient. However, it…

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