Fanfold Kraft Paper

  • Sustainable alternative to plastic cushions
  • Cushions both light and heavy items
  • Sold per pack
  • FSC certified, 100% biodegradable
  • For PaperEZ SmartFill
Void Fill Paper Cushion Filler Material for PaperEZ SmartFill Machine
These fan-folded packs of paper offer easy handling and storage and a minimum time for machine loading. For use with the PaperEZ Smart void fill machines. Suitable for side and top void fill.
Void Fill is a paper filler material, used to close up the free space in your shipping box and lock products in place. When items are prevented from moving during transit, the chances of breakage go down. A paper-based filler offers excellent physical properties in terms of absorbing shocks and protecting sensitive products, and is also more sustainable than plastic alternatives.
Pure Paper
100% Biodegradable

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