MINI AIR® Filler Air Pillows

1.Multi-layer extrusion film, stronger protection.
2.Pro-environment: Recyclable, Compostable film.
3.Easy operation: Inflate on MINI AIR Cushion machine, only need press start you can get what you need.
4.Save storage: Inflate when you need, saving warehousing cost.
5.Different sizes: Air Bag, Air Tube and Air Bubbles. They can match all your packing needs.
6.Logo print available: We can print your logo on the film roll,building up your own logo
7.Costing saver & stock saving

MINI AIR®  Air Cushion Pillow Film Roll for Protective Packaging to protect the contents of your packages
Void fill for air cushioning applications
Blocking and bracing for protective packaging applications
Biodegradable air pillows available for cushioned packaging
Inflatable air pillow machines available
By purchasing and using inflatable packaging systems you will have air-filled cushions on demand saving your company time and money. Our Air Cushion Systems offer great protection and efficient void fill while reducing material and shipping costs.

Ameson is a professional air cushion film manufacturer & supplier, with several advanced production lines, the products are exported to all over the world.

MINI AIR cushion pillow film is mainly used in transport packaging. Besides, it can be used in packaging of luggage, handbags, liquid product, electronics, circuit board, book, medicine, cosmetic, instrument, ceramic, art ware, household electrical appliances, furniture, hardware products, glass work and precise instrument and so on. Almost all products can be protected effectively by this air filling cushion packaging.

200MM Width Air Cushion Film(MINI AIR Filler)
Thickness: 20,25,30,38 micron
Specs: 200mm*200mm, 200mm*150mm, 200mm*130mm,200mm*100mm
Material: 3-layer LDPE & HDPE
Length per Roll: 400m,700m,800m,1280m,1580m & Customized

Inflate by MINI AIR EASi

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