Air cushion bag packaging compared with traditional packaging

Air cushion bag packaging

shipping package uses common packaging materials such as air cushion bag, bubble film, foam peanut, paper pad, waste paper, etc., the merchant can only protect the product intact if the cushion material is selected correctly, due to the product type, shape, and weight. The requirements for cushioning materials vary depending on the value, vulnerability, and utility.

In such a strong competitive market, in order to seize customers, not only the quality of the products should be excellent, but also the packaging design. The packaging is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. Today we are talking about the cushion protection packaging of the product. The cushion packaging should not only protect the safe transportation of the product but also require the whole package to be neat and tidy. The packaging such as waste newspapers and foam can protect the package but the entire package looks messy, lowering down the grade of the product.

The air cushion bag has good cushioning and shock absorption performance, and it also has a fresh and beautiful appearance to ensure the package is neat and beautiful. Inflating your size should be based on the weight of the product or the inner packaging. The net weight of the cushioning material should weigh less than the air bag’s bearing pressure.

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